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This take-off is extraordinary, but this is just the beginning.

The UK needs to do even better. The UK cannot settle for being the eighth most entrepreneurial country in the world, nothing short of being top will do.

This is the economic imperative of UK plc. Become more entrepreneurial, develop more tech super stars, and the UK economy can surge in size, reduce that 31 per cent gap in productivity with France down to zero, and then become more productive still. Do that, and the UK economy can become much bigger, generating the revenue needed to save the NHS.

There is one other thing we can do – celebrate the successes so far.

Fresh Business Thinking is a champion of the entrepreneur. The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards is a celebration of this key area of the UK economy – and a reminder to the press, public and government that the UK is an entrepreneurial hub – don’t forget entrants can apply here:

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