By Nick James, Fresh Business Thinking

If you visit a newsagent and flip through the magazines on offer then you’ll see an array of headlines trying to stand out in a cluttered space.

Whatever your interest from philately to photography, the print industry tries to sell to you by enticing you to pick up and read their articles and stories.

If running a small business wasn’t already difficult enough now, if you want to get found and read online, you have to learn some lessons from publishers — in fact you have to start behaving like a publisher!

The first step in this process is to understand your audience — which is the basis for any marketing campaign — understand what their problems might be and see if you can ‘tailor’ your product or service as a ‘solution’.

Now it might be that you are running a dating site or that you sell a vitamin supplement and therefore the heading of this blog might be totally appropriate for you — not so if you are a firm of accountants or a plumber though.

I often find that once you’ve created a heading then it’s easier to weave an article or story around the heading.

So the tip of the day is to come up with a headline that would work for your audience. If your own creative juices aren’t flowing freely then this is something that you could ask employees, friends, suppliers or customers for help with. You could even create a mini competition for any headline that you end up using.

Remember — you are looking to ‘engage’ with your customer not alienate them but also remember that sometimes being a bit provocative can work — sometimes it can backfire completely.

Happy Headline Hunting!

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