By Daniel Hunter

International business event Venture Capital World Summit 2013 is attracting high calibre business leaders and investors from around the world.

Set within the beautiful Welsh frame of Cardiff City Stadium, the event boasts high profile speakers coming from various backgrounds and business fields.

“Cardiff is a capital city and has an excellent infrastructure with a mere two hour journey from central London,” says Elio Assuncao, CEO of YODspica Ltd and international business entrepreneur behind the Venture Capital World Summit concept.

“The government has plans to create a financial centre in the City. So in this context, this event fits perfectly. I feel that Venture Capital World Summit can add value to the economy and help established businesses grow and gain more business.”

With professionals sharing precious business insights, ideas and contacts, Venture Capital World Summit will be the perfect occasion for promoting entrepreneurship in Wales and the rest of the world.

Venture Capital World Summit 2013 will focus on helping existent business grow in an inspirational and innovative setting while addressing and promoting an extraordinary range of topics including Funding; Asset Management; Businesses for Sale; Mergers and Acquisitions; and Inspiration and Personal Development.

When joining Venture Capital World, you will have the incredible opportunity to meet hundreds of leading venture Capitalists; Corporate VCs; Angel Investors; Investment Bankers; Tech Transfer Executives; Incubator Managers; and CEOs Of Emerging Companies.

Venture Capital World will promote and discuss fundamental issues at the heart of business; and it will help grow economic prospects in the best way possible by bringing together innovative solutions and ideas.

Created by Elio Assuncao, CEO of YODspica Ltd, Venture Capital World Summit is going to be an annual event based in Cardiff.

“Venture Capital World Summit is an innovative event as it includes not only finance and investment opportunities but also inspiration and new ideas development in a setting that involves speakers from multi-disciplinary subjects such as emotional intelligence," Elio said.

"Furthermore, Venture Capital World Summit will have distinguished entertainment in order to showcase the best of Wales and offer all delegates a memorable and full-filling experience.

"My biggest wish is to establish this event as an annual event in Wales where the world will take note from its opportunities and innovation as a hub for ideas and networking.”

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