By Daniel Hunter

A collective of startup businesses, investors and students have formed together to promote Cardiff’s tech and digital scene.

Cardiff Start launched this week and has announced targets which will be monitored, checked and audited over the next year to prove the value of the group to both Cardiff and the UK.

The group aim to break the boundaries which restrict the growth of startup businesses, promising to grow an already active digital community into an attractive, profitable tech hub. Promising to connect a number local companies to £500,000 in investments and nurture business talent in Cardiff’s universities, Cardiff Start hope to provide a mutually beneficial and accessible environment to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, increasing the community value by 30%.

By connecting at least 50 students with the best business ideas to SMEs, the group hope to foster a new generation of ambitious innovators to sustain that growth in the future.

The perception that there are fewer opportunities for graduates and technology companies in Cardiff, compared to cities in England is false according to Stephen Milburn, founder of Tradebox Media and co-founder of Cardiff Start.

“The potential is certainly here, but we need to retain the wealth of resources which can be found in our universities, and nurture entrepreneurial talent," he said.

"Starting now, and by raising awareness of successes the members of Cardiff Start have enjoyed, we can change this attitude that South Wales lacks opportunities and the sector can continue to grow.”

By recognising what existing tech startups in Cardiff have already achieved and by bringing them together into a single community, Cardiff Start has begun to publicise Cardiff's emergence as a centre for the technological and creative industries.

Cardiff Start are hoping to spread the word, evidenced by the success of its members who are already worth over £105 million to Cardiff’s economy annually. With over 200 founders already belonging the group keen to secure investment in Cardiff’s future, the launch has opened the door to growth and a bolstered economy.

Companies from around the world also attended, joining in with local businesses in pitching to potential investors and sharing their experiences with other startups, showing Cardiff’s international appeal.

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