Image: Rob Burke Image: Rob Burke

Cardiff entrepreneurs are backing Plaid Cymru in today's Welsh Assembly election, a new polls suggests.

Polled using award winning Welsh start-up Doopoll, members of the Cardiff Start group were simply asked 'As someone entrepreneurial, who will you be voting for on May 5th, 2016?', with Plaid Cymru coming out on top with 43% of the 101 respondents lending their support.

Welsh Labour secured 32% of the vote, comfortably ahead of the next party. Only the Greens had double-figure support from Cardiff's entrepreneurial community on 10%.

Despite receiving widespread support from businesses in last year's general election - especially in Wales -, the Conservatives are not generating business backing in Wales, with just 8% of the vote.

Continuing their demise in the general election, just 3% of entrepreneurs in Cardiff said they plan to vote for the Liberal Democrats - the same figure as independent candidates. Trailing on a insignificant 1% was UKIP.

Steve Dimmick, co-founder of Doopoll, said Plaid Cymru's manifesto had probably gained much of the support from the city's business community.

He said it was the "most innovative and forward thinking. Especially around supporting social good entrepreneurs and bilingual businesses: their number one objective is to make Wales the most attractive place in the UK to do business.

"They're also proposing the National Smart Card - initially, for free prescriptions and access to museums etc, but then subsequently to waive the Severn Bridge toll and a one off payment that would allow travel throughout the country on all trains/buses; something almost all SME owners would benefit from."

Robert Lo Bue, director at Applingua, and the person who launched the poll, said: "I would hasten to add [to Steve Dimmick's points] that small businesses are quite often witness to the waste of Welsh government in many areas - which is a shame because they do reach out to us, but it means we then see the problems too - and are looking for change."