By Jonathan Davies

Aspiring entrepreneurs based in Cardiff are the "least fearful" of failure in starting their own business, according to research by Moonfruit.

The survey found that 56% of workers had thought of a business idea but were too "afraid" to turn it into an actual business. More than 20% said they'd come up with at least two ideas, but hadn't turned them into a business.

Of 10 major cities in the UK, Cardiff workers were the least concerned (48%) about failing if they were to start their own business. Nottingham workers toppled the list, with 67% of those surveyed saying they were 'too worried' of failure to start a business. Manchester workers followed closely with 64% afraid of failure.

Moonfruit CEO and co-founder, Wendy Tan White, said:

“Starting a business can be a daunting prospect but I really urge budding entrepreneurs to give it a go. So many people come up with ideas but never act on them, and who’s to say we don’t have the next Emma Bridgewater or James Dyson in our midst?”

Top 10

1 - Nottingham (67%)
2 - Manchester (64%)
3 - Edinburgh (60%)
4 - Glasgow (59%)
5 - Bristol (56%)
6 - London (55%)
7 - Newcastle (55%)
8 - Liverpool (54%)
9 - Birmingham (52%)
10 - Cardiff (48%)

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