By Max Clarke

A study of the world’s 500 biggest companies has revealed a strong, positive correlation between a business’ transparency about carbon outputs and their financial performance, PwC reveals.

PwC's Carbon Disclosure Project annual Global 500 analyses financial performance and climate change disclosure for the world’s leading companies, confirming a strong relationship between companies who are actively moving with the global paradigm towards environmentalism and continuing to grow, and companies who are less active in carbon reduction and reporting and are performing less strongly.

“Companies in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index are looking at their supply chain, and their business model, and considering how to grow their business in an environment that is going to become more resource constrained. This is the kind of thinking that will accelerate low carbon growth,” said Alan McGill, from PwC sustainability and climate change.

“The correlation between strong business planning, performance and reporting on climate change and strong financial performance demonstrated in the report. It is indicative of businesses who proactively manage their business risks, are more environmentally efficient, carbon productive, and are starting to decouple the link between financial growth and carbon emissions.”

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