By Claire West

Tyrrells Crisps and Chase Vodka Founder William Chase has launched a scathing attack on David Cameron’s decision to appoint Sir Philip Green as his Government Spending tsar.

“I like a lot of the things that David Cameron is doing,” says Chase, “but the decision to make Sir Philip Green an expert on telling Government departments how to not spend money, really smacks of hypocrisy from a high level”.

“Sir Philip is someone who relishes a fight and will take on anyone, so I am sure he knew when accepting the appointment that it would create a hostile reaction from most of the PAYE and National Insurance paying members of the British media”.

“But there lies the ultimate insult. It’s the big finger at all of us. It’s the ‘because I can’, that Green enjoys most about this one”.
“Like he knew hiring Kate Moss after she was caught hoovering vast amounts of Class A and her career was in tatters would be a good move for family clothing stores Top Shop and BHS”.

“I remember Sir Philip saying to me when I won the Midlands category of the £25m Sunday Times Corporate Entrepreneur Challenge in 2007 and received a 3 year £5m interest free loan to launch Chase Vodka, that because of Kate, all he needed to do was stand in a picture with her and get free advertising across all of the national newspapers. Hence the deluge of pictures day after day of Sir Philip in nightclubs with Kate Moss and young models. Now there’s cost savings. At least his wife could keep a close eye on him via the paparazzi while he was away from the family home in Monaco home up in London”.
“For Sir Philip, it’s all got to do with cost savings and ‘if I can get away with it…’”.

“Sir Philip likes sailing close to the wind.”
“’My wife, who was born in Britain, has chosen to live in Monaco, just because she so happens to like the shopping and ambience’. It’s got nothing to do with Lady Green being the trust settlor in Jersey whilst being domiciled in Monaco and therefore having no tax to pay on dividends.”
“He’s gotten away with it”.

“So what’s the government going to do about Sir Philip Green now that Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury wants £900m from tax avoiders and tries to pin the tail on Green”.
“Watch the heat rise on this one. But I’m sure Sir Philip will eloquently stick the finger up to Danny Alexander like he has everyone else. I can see it now… Give it 4 years. It’ll be Lord Green.”