By Max Clarke

To facilitate the rapid adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has introduced an online version of the product with much lower per-user prices bringing CRM within the budgets of businesses of all sizes. CRM helps businesses make significant improvements to their performance and effectiveness. CRM systems are essential software tools for businesses which want to maximise the potential of their sales and customer services operations.

CRM also allows businesses to organise, automate and synchronise processes across their organisation, to ensure sales, marketing and customer services activities are streamlined and effective.

Microsoft has recently launched the latest version of its Dynamics CRM product, which integrates CRM alongside industry-standard Microsoft applications such as Outlook and Microsoft Office. It is offering businesses Dynamics CRM either installed on-site or as an online hosted application accessed via the Internet. Microsoft predicts great interest from businesses for its ‘cloud-based’ option as business users would pay on a low cost per-month basis as an alternative to any upfront capital cost. By accessing Microsoft CRM via the Internet, users do not need any additional IT hardware or even data storage — everything is stored in Microsoft’s own secure data centres and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Cambridge Online Systems is offering all businesses the chance to explore the benefits of CRM by creating a free CRM audit service, enabling businesses to benefit from Cambridge Online Systems’ experience in deploying CRM for a large number of businesses across the Eastern region.

Ray Olds, business development director, Cambridge Online Systems, commented:

“This announcement from Microsoft will make CRM a mainstream application for all businesses. Effective CRM can provide a quantum leap for a business; it provides a professional, structured approach to sales, customer service and marketing activities. Microsoft’s new price points for CRM, and the flexibility provided by its ‘Cloud CRM For Less’ offering brings their excellent CRM business tools within reach for even the smallest business.

We invite businesses to benefit from our experience of deploying Microsoft CRM for leading Eastern region businesses — businesses of all sizes and different sectors — and take the first step towards improving their profitability.”