By Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director, TeleWare plc

Many market sectors can reap benefits of recording calls, such as for staff training, spotting troublesome calls before they escalate, ensuring accuracy of data collected and tracking customer and call centre activities.

General Benefits of Call Recording

• Reduces the risk of misinterpreting information from business calls

• Helps resolve disputes on a fair basis

• Meets compliance requirements, even when using a mobile phone

• Provides peace of mind

• Enhances understanding of the customer experience

• Helps identify staff training needs

Cost Justification

An Ideal solution to support staff working from home as no remote recording equipment is needed removing the high costs of purchase, installation and management associated with dedicated traditional call recording solutions means that call recording can be cost effective for a small numbers of users.

Device and Location Independent

Most on-site call recording solutions will not handle calls to or from a mobile phone. This solution offers true device independence — so you can record your business critical calls on a landline, IP extension or mobile phone - anywhere.

Ease of Change

There is no need for call recording hardware to be integrated with the PBX and configured to record specific telephone extensions. This means the system does not require ongoing configuration.

Key Features

• Home and mobile telephone numbers are not disclosed to callers

• If staff leave, their personal number remains with the company

• Losing a mobile phone no longer a major headache

• On-demand recording invoked to any handset, enabling companies with compliance issues to allow employees to remain productive on their mobile or home telephones

• Record All option ensures all incoming and outgoing calls are captured

• On Demand or ad-hoc recording option records the entire call even if initiated part way through the call

• Ability to record incoming and/or out-going calls

• Ability to record calls to or from any telephone, including mobile phones

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