By Daniel Hunter

Businesses want the UK the remain part of the European Union (EU), according to research by service office company, Business Environment.

An overwhelming majority of 61% of businesses in the UK said they would prefer to stay in the EU, with just 17% saying they'd like to leave the organisation.

But businesses are in favour of reforming the UK's relationship with the EU. Almost a quarter (24%), the most populous answer of those surveyed were pro-EU but believe the UK should “work to repatriate certain powers”.

By contrast, just 14% of respondents opted to “stay in the EU and work to smooth relations with our European partners". Only 6% of respondents wished to move closer to European partners and even adopt the Euro.

David Saul, managing director of Business Environment said: “The EU has always been a double-edged sword for business. On the one hand it’s our biggest trading partner and the lack of tariffs make imports and exports very easy.

"On the other hand it can be a source of regulations that many businesspeople find frustrating or restrictive. However, it’s clear from our survey - and from anecdotal evidence from businesspeople I speak to — that the consensus is that the benefits of EU membership outweigh the drawbacks. If Eurosceptics win out and we leave the Union, it is likely to anger large parts of the business community.”

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