By Daniel Hunter

Businesses across the UK are embracing new social networking channels as research by Virgin Media Business shows they’re planning to get stuck into Google+ in 2015.

While 39% of SMEs currently use Facebook, less than half of them plan to use it in the future, instead opting for alternatives like Google+ and Linkedin.

This compares to nearly a quarter of SMEs who currently use Google+, with a further 25% intending to sign up.

The favourite social media platform of UK SMEs however is LinkedIn, with nearly half of respondents (49%) currently using it.

Mike Smith, Director of SMB at Virgin Media Business said: “In this digital age it is vital for growing business to have a presence online, be it with a website, digital networking tools or through various social media channels.”

“The facts these SMEs are trying different digital platforms to promote their business shows a willingness to embrace all that digital offers and provides an incentive to keep refreshing their digital skills. Being on the right digital platform and using these effectively can propel a business to great heights and help them reach new audiences.”

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