By Daniel Hunter

Workers believe UK businesses aren't doing enough to support charities and need to do more, according to price comparison site Give as you Live, which allows customers to donate to a charity of their choice when they make a purchase.

Over half (53%) of UK workers surveyed haven’t taken part in any fundraising activities with their colleagues over the past year.

The majority of companies in the UK do not have a named a charity to support this year, with 40% of workers stating that their company has no official charity they’re supporting, whilst a further fifth (22%) are unsure if their company supports charity at all.

Just under half of UK workers (44%) said that they feel that their company should be doing more to help charities and the local community.

Steff Lewis, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Give as you Live, said, “Businesses are missing a trick by not encouraging fundraising amongst its employees. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives go further than just increasing employee morale; being seen to give back to charity improves a company’s reputation in the face of its customers and future staff. There are so many fundraising options for businesses that needn’t put pressure on resources or people’s time.”