By Max Clarke

As the public sector begins to shrink, shedding more and more workers, the onus has been on the private sector to absorb the redundant workers and reduce unemployment.

Disturbingly, however, many private sector businesses are unwilling to hire former public sector staff due to the different skill sets required: adept sales staff are the lifeblood of the business world, yet sales rarely feature in the public sector.

A report published in February revealed 1 in 3 businesses were ‘not at all interested’ in hiring from the public sector, while a more recent report by the British Chamber of Commerce that claims four in 10 companies are ‘nervous’ about hiring former public sector staff.

Discussing the news is UK200Group member David Ingall, of JWPCreers business services and accountancy firm:

“To survive one has to be able to adapt. Those companies that are “nervous” about taking on former public sector employees are fearful of their ability to adapt to the more robust private sector ethos.

“There may not be exact matches for jobs in moving from one sector to the other and SME’s may have particular problems in finding suitable work for public sector staff.

“It should not be assumed that there will be an exact match moving from the public to private sector. Retraining or taking an entirely different type of work may be an option but the ability to get a job in the private sector will be linked to enthusiasm, belaying the fears of potential employers and adapting to the different environment.”