By Daniel Hunter

More than a third of British women would rather lose weight than have a pay rise, according to a new survey.

With summer holidays fast approaching it seems shedding pounds is more important than saving them for 35% of working women in the UK.

The poll by travel website asked British women if they would rather lose a stone in preparation for the beach or gain £1,000 on their annual salary.

Despite the recession only 65% opted for the pay rise with the remainder telling pollsters they’d happily forgo the salary hike for the chance to possess the perfect bikini body like Kelly Brook’s.

And almost one in ten, eight per cent, said they would happily give up a grand of salary if it meant they were assured of losing a stone effortlessly.

One respondent told pollsters: “Money is tight at the moment but I’d still be happy to miss out on the rise if I knew I’d be dropping a stone before my holidays.

“When you think of all the money people spend on gym membership and fad diets it’d make perfect sense. I just wish it were that easy.”

Another respondent commented: “It would be fab to be able to feel comfortable in my bikini on the beach this summer but since having my two children I’ve struggled to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

“So it would easily be worth a grand for me if someone could guarantee me the weight loss.“

But another woman who took part in the survey said: “I’d take the money every time. Losing weight is a matter of willpower and I’m quite strong-minded. So I’d definitely take the cash and just watch what I eat.”

A spokeswoman for travel website said they were surprised that so many women were willing to pass on a pay rise.

She said: “Given the tough economic climate at the moment we were expecting only a small minority of the women we polled to be willing to swap a pay rise for a weight loss.

“However it seems more than a third would be happy to miss out on more money if they were assured of dropping a dress or bikini size.

“It shows how highly all of us value our holidays. We work hard all year so it’s only natural that we want to look our best for our break in the sun.”

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