By Claire West

Warwick Business School Dean Mark Taylor has backed a call from the Business Schools Task Force to work closer with mid-sized firms to boost the economy and says it is an exciting opportunity to foster better links.

The Business Schools Task Force report recognises that there is a lot of good work already being done but issues a call to action to help mid-sized companies more – firms that have been described as the “muscles” of the economy, by Business Minister Michael Fallon.

Warwick Business School already has the Centre for SMEs and recently won a £2.9m contract to jointly lead a new Enterprise Research Centre to help SMEs grow.

The Enterprise Research Centre will be jointly headed by Professor Stephen Roper, of Warwick Business School, and he was part of the Business Schools Task Force.

Professor Taylor believes business schools can not only lead research to improve the nation’s economy but produce a new generation of business leaders.

“UK business schools can play a central role in stimulating innovation and growth in the economy,” said Professor Taylor. “It is our goal to see our research put into practice and that is why we are so pleased to be leading the new Enterprise Research Centre, but we know more can be done to help medium-sized firms and help them replicate the success of Germany’s Mittelstand.

“We already have considerable involvement with SME local firms, but we know in these challenging times we must do more. We are actively looking to set up more links and help the local economy with our research and the work of 195 faculty we have working at WBS.

“There is a great opportunity for Business Schools to see their research genuinely drive the economy and we are excited by the chance the Task Force’s report offers to work closer with medium-sized firms.”