By Catherine Thurtle, Editor, ad:tech

Video content is increasingly being expected by web users. In addition many advertisers are finding that audio visual content is exceptionally powerful at driving sales. But despite sounding like you’d need to sell a kidney, it’s surprisingly simple and won’t break the bank. So where should you start?

1. Product demonstrations. Actions speak louder than words. DIY supplies company Polyfilla do exactly that. Its website guides you through the process of choosing a product and then gives you a step-by-step video demonstration of how to use it properly. Not only is this an inexpensive way to show off your product but it’s highly engaging and users will thank you for it more than if you’d shown them a 30 second ad. Your brand suddenly becomes a trusted source.

2. Focus on your fans. Have you had good feedback from customers? Use it! If they’re impressed enough to leave feedback they should be impressed enough to tell others. See if they will record a short webcam video for you. Incentivise with loyalty money-off coupons. It may even make them feel special to be asked!

3. Show off your news. Most websites have a news section but do customers really read it? If it’s a fun and lively video showing off your latest charity endeavour or new product launch. Even your blogs could get the visual treatment. Don’t be shy!

4. Short interviews. How about getting people to post questions and then getting the relevant person to answer them? Not only can your customers put a face to a name but it makes the company feel more personal and accountable.

5. Use social networks. Facebook and Twitter fans are far more likely to clickthrough to a video than a sales pitch. Promote your content through channels to make the most of your vodcasts and hopefully raise your company profile.

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