By Daniel Hunter

Entrepreneurs say this year’s budget needs to do more to support home grown British businesses.

“We need the Government to stick up for the little guy. Small businesses are the backbone of Britain and if there is no public spending stimulus it is the only sector where growth is going to come from," Sara Jones, co-founder of, a Manchester-based online business, said.

"We need more tax breaks for small firms, less onerous employment red-tape and more incentives for digital and green businesses. If the Government wants to stick to its austerity plan then it must do more to promote free enterprise in order to stimulate growth. Free markets will deliver growth but they need to be unleashed to develop.

“We also need to ensure that money and investment flows to small and growing business, so they can develop, create jobs and become the big businesses of the future.

“The Government's SEIS initiative is helping, giving tax breaks to investors, but it needs to be promoted more. I would like to see the Chancellor further incentivise investors at the sub-£250k level, because their cash could prove the oxygen that small businesses need to breathe and flourish.”

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