By Ben Simmons

Usdaw, the retailers’ union, has vehemently opposed proposals from Chancellor Osborne to further relax Sunday trading laws in a bid to prompt retail growth.

Retailers argue the proposals have little public support and will do little to change retail business.

Deregulation would do little to stimulate growth or create jobs, but would have a very detrimental impact on the lives of millions of shopworkers and their families,” comments John Hannett, General Secretary of the shopworkers Union Usdaw. “Any change would fly totally in the face of the Government’s commitment to be family-friendly.”

“To suggest that the current legislation, which allows shops to open for 150 hours a week, means Britain is ‘closed for business’ is frankly ridiculous. With ministerial aides apparently briefing the announcement out as a prelude to permanent change, and with the total number of tourists actually expected to be down this summer, there is understandable suspicion that the Government is trying to use the London Olympics as cover for its wider deregulation agenda.”

“I’m encouraged that the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has agreed to our request for an urgent meeting on the issue, which will take place this Tuesday, but we have made it clear to the Government that we are extremely disappointed that an announcement of such importance to our members and millions of other people has been made in this manner and without any prior consultation.”

“Shopworkers are entitled to expect some respect from the Government and for their views to be heard and taken into account before any decisions of this importance are made.”

“Usdaw will also meeting on Tuesday with the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband to discuss our concerns.”

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