BT Tower

BT has been accused of profiteering from complacent broadband users after announcing a rise in monthly broadband prices, less than a week after posting a 15% rise in profits.

As well as advertising deals in a way that media watchdog the ASA consider misleading, big media companies like BT, Virgin and Sky have often been accused of making it very difficult for customers to figure out when they are out of contract, as they don’t put that information on bills or make it available online.

This dampens the likelihood of customers knowing they can switch to a better deal once the minimum term ends, and in the case of BT, means loyal, existing customers can expect to pay more than new customers.

David Sheridan, CEO of Onedox, which help customers get transparency on their household bills and find them better deals, said “On the same day as they announce increased profits, to tell consumers, especially those who are already paying more than they need, that their broadband costs are going up is a bit rich. At Onedox we are standing ready to help UK customers who collectively overpay by around £10 billion a year on household bills, to redress the balance and make it easier to get a better deal."