By Claire West

Stuck without a good broadband connection in the UK? It's estimated that without further government support one third of the country will not benefit from new superfast connectivity. ISPreview investigates some of the current and potential solutions to this problem.

In 2009 BT estimated that slow internet access was still a way of life for approximately 2 Million households (7%) in the United Kingdom (UK), where broadband ISP speeds of at least 2Megabits per second (Mb) have yet to reach; Ofcom's own 2009 data suggested the figure could actually be closer to 15%.

It's a misconception that issues like this are only confined to the green and pleasant land of our British countryside. In realty many suburban areas and bustling towns can and often do suffer from similar difficulties. These are typically areas where the old telecoms infrastructure of copper and aluminium wire, which is still predominantly owned and managed by BT, have a hard time keeping pace with the latest technological advances.

"By 2015 approximately 70% of UK homes and businesses are expected to be reached by superfast broadband solutions delivered through the private sector," commented ISPreview's.co.uk Editor and Founder, Mark Jackson. "Projects from both BT and Virgin Media will dominate the roll out, although that will still leave a third of the country struggling to get a modern super-fast broadband connection."

"The good news is that there are plenty of solutions being developed for such areas and some have already been deployed. However, it will take a much more concerted effort than exists today, by central government, to reach everybody. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Most definitely, but for most people it's still quite far away," concluded Jackson.

ISPreview investigates the internet access challenges and potential solutions facing related parts of the country, especially in rural areas, where a fast broadband service has yet to reach. We also take a look at what people can expect in the future and what's already available. This is an essential guide for those still stuck in the slow lane.