By Jonathan Davies

British workers are taking fewer sick days, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

On average, workers are now taking 6.6 sick days compared to 7.6 last year.

But does this mean that the UK workforce is become healthier? Not according to the CIPD. It said there was evidence to suggest that people were still come to work whilst sick.

The research found that those in the public sector tend to take more sick days, with an average of 7.9 days a year, compared to 5.5 days in the private sector.

The CIPD said this is likely due to the larger number of jobs in the public sector which require plenty of face-to-face time, like teachers and nurses.

Dr Jill Miller, CIPD research adviser, said: "Supporting those with caring responsibilities to balance their work and home lives, and therefore retaining our talent, is a key issue. Recent... research has predicted that there will be four generations working side-by-side by 2030.

"As people have children later, and are looking after parents in the ageing baby boomer generation, they find themselves caring for both their children and their older relatives."

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