By Claire West

A survey carried out by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, has revealed that 5 in 10 people would rather be without turkey and presents over Christmas than technology.

According to the research, 49% of the 2,924 UK adults polled could not be without TV, Internet or mobile phones over the Christmas period.

This compares to 27% who couldn’t be without turkey and 23% who couldn’t be without presents.

Andy Clough, brand editor at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision comments:

“Technology will play an instrumental role this Christmas, with Britons using their gadgets and devices for shopping, entertainment and keeping in touch with loved ones. The fact that many would be willing to trade the traditional turkey and even presents for tech once again indicates that we are a nation of technology addicts.”

The survey, which was conducted through the brand’s website and social media channels, also revealed that 49% of people would like a new TV and soundbar for Christmas, while just 15% want a Smartphone. Surprisingly, the poll also highlighted that washing up and cheating at board games (65%) is more likely to fuel family rows at Christmas than what to watch on TV (35%).