By Marcus Leach

A survey conducted by Cisco, the official network infrastructure provider to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, has revealed that the general public believe London 2012 will give a boost that could help build a brilliant future for the UK.

More than half the people surveyed (51%) felt that the general mood in the UK is either negative or very negative. However, with preparations for the London 2012 Games increasing and excitement building, the survey revealed that many believe London 2012 could help bring a much needed boost of positivity to the UK.

49% of those surveyed believe that the Olympic Games could help the UK overall, and 51% think that the Games could help boost patriotism and morale in Britain. With more than eight months until the start of London 2012, 40% already agree that London 2012 will play an important role in building a better Britain in the long term.

Despite economic woes reflecting lagging positivity in the UK, the results signal that the people have high hopes that London 2012 will restore a much needed sense of pride, patriotism and positivity in the UK next year.

· Nearly half (41%) of those surveyed believe that London 2012 could improve tourism

· A quarter (25%) think it will help promote grass-roots sports.

· 24% believe the Games will enhance community spirit.

· 20% believe that London 2012 could help improve the health of Britain.

· Diversity in the community, awareness of other countries and cultures, employment, community spirit, finance, business growth and technological advancement are other areas of life in Britain that people indicated the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games could help to improve.

The London 2012 Games are already playing a vital role in our economy. According to figures published earlier this year by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), 1,200 previously unemployed local people gained work on the Olympic Park. Additionally, more than 3,000 training places have been generated, and 408 apprentices have been offered the opportunity to work on the Games. LOCOG itself will have awarded over £700m worth of contracts before the Games commence in July 2012.

“I am confident that London 2012 is just the starting point in building a brilliant future for the UK. Business, education and interest in sport and technology can all flourish as a result of the Olympic and Paralympic Games," Neil Crockett, Cisco managing director for London 2012, said.

“As a supporter of London 2012, Cisco is working on a series of initiatives to help benefit the country in the long term by inspiring the youth of today to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. In partnership with STEMNet, Cisco is working to enable young people all over the UK to take their first steps towards realising a career in technology and new media. Additionally, the Cisco Networking Academy program aims to help fill the growing need for information and communications technology (ICT) and networking professionals, in order to improve education and career opportunities in communities around the world.

“London 2012 is the start, but not the finish. We believe the Games can act as a platform for growth which spans far beyond summer next year. As long as Britain capitalises on this amazing opportunity, the London 2012 Games are sure to play an integral role in the UK’s sustainable prosperity and long-term growth.”

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