By Claire West

The Olympics and in particular the Team GB medal haul to-date should as the wonderful Jess Ennis said "inspire a generation".

Yet it is not only sport that can benefit from these incredible achievements there are lessons for all aspects of our lives and in particular lessons for entrepreneurs.
So what can business owners learn from the likes of; Ennis, Farah and Rutherford?

Well first and most obviously you ‘have to be in it — to win-it’. We can all take great pleasure and pride from the Team GB achievements from the comfort of our own home but if we want to ‘win’ ourselves either at business or sport then we have to move out of that ‘comfort-zone’ and actually do something.

It’s not for everyone — that’s not the case for recreational sport as just about everyone can try some sort of sport — but it is the case for setting up and running a business — or trying to succeed in a competitive sporting environment.

But the parallels once you have decided to compete are overwhelming.

Specialisation — you need to know what you are going to do and then stick to it — maybe there’s a bit of trial and error until you find something that you are good at — but then it’s about honing your competitive edge.

Dedication — in business and sport there will be sacrifices galore. Mo Farah said; "I moved my family, changing my whole lifestyle, a new coach, moved to the other side of the world."

Belief — there will be times when you want to give up but as Greg Rutherford says: "You have to have confidence in yourself."

Support — whether this is a mentor, a coach or a stadium packed with screaming home fans you can’t do it alone.

Ennis sums this up beautifully; “All the work I have put in, the past disappointments, thinking of my family and all the support I have had but just also to realise that I have achieved one of my greatest goals. You never think you will get there so, when you do, it is overwhelming. I’m so shocked, I can’t believe it.”

A very proud week-end for British sport that as Lord Coe says; “is the best opportunity any of us will have in our lifetime to get more young kids into sport," he said. "We've really got to build on that."

While I wholeheartedly agree I also hope that a little bit of the golden inspiration also encourages people to follow their dreams whatever they might be.