By Claire West

Hollywood movie director, Oliver Stone, is hoping to find that Britain’s got talent — talent for videography, at least. The Oscar-winning movie mogul, currently directing a super-star cast in what is anticipated to be his next hit movie, Savages, will stop the cameras rolling long enough to judge the Best Online Video of 2011 in the vzaar Online Video Festival.

“Online video is a powerful medium in all spheres — commercially as well as for entertainment,” says Mr Stone, who is a shareholder in vzaar — leading video hosting platform based in London.

He said that he’ll be judging the winning videos (in the various categories) according to the criteria that he would use if he were reviewing a film on the silver screen. “Cinematography, direction, editing, creativity — all play a part. In the case of online video there are other important factors to consider, such as how well it gets the message across in a short time, and how well it grabs the attention of internet users,” he explains.

Besides judging the entries, Mr Stone will also supply a personal critique for each of the category winners, and personally endorse the Best Online Video of 2011.

“I’ll try to be more gentle than Simon Cowell is with the Britain’s Got Talent contestants,” he promised with a grin.

Videographers have until the 1st July to produce a winning entry for the vzaar Online Video Festival, which will be judged on the following categories: Best Product/Service Video; Best Video by a Creative Agency; Most creative use of Video Online.

Entry is open to vzaar clients only, but those who are not yet signed up with vzaar can simply register on the website for a free trial, and will then be able to upload their videos for the competition.