By Krista Waddell

“Over 60% of new businesses are started from home and most of them are being created by mothers who want to stay with their children,” said Krista Waddell, CEO of gold party organisers Ounces2Pounds.

According to a report by the government adviser Enterprise Nation more than 1,400 new home businesses are created every week — far more than any other type of start-up.

“There has always been pressure on women to stay at home with their children and they can be left with feelings of guilt when they leave their child in a nursery. Home-working is the ideal solution which allows a woman to bring up her children and run a business,” said Krista Waddell, CEO of gold party organisers Ounces2Pounds.

Stay-at-home mums are responsible for setting up the most home-businesses followed by young people and the over 50s.

“The home-business is a route is an excellent way to bring people into employment who might otherwise not contribute to the economy,” said Ms Waddell, whose company is included in The Guardian’s top 50 good ideas for home-working.

Ounces2Pounds and cosmetics giants Avon and Body Shop are all reporting a huge up take the numbers of stay-at-home mums who are offering the services as party organisers and home-workers.

Ounces2Pounds are active supporters of Enterprise Nation (the UK’s resource for home-workers) which advises government of small and home enterprises.

“We are proud to sponsor this year’s Home Business category of the Enterprise Nation awards for £3, 000,” said Ms Waddell. “Ounces2Pounds has seen a huge increase in the number of stay-at-home mums who are applying to be party hostesses.”

Almost one third of the UK workforce is employed by home businesses (28%) and they produce a combined turnover of over £364 billion.

Karren Brady has recently joined Avon Cosmetics to mentor their part-time female home-workers.

The vice-chairperson of West Ham United FC has taken on the role because she wants to be able to motivate self-employed women.

“One of the key messages for all women is that you don’t have to have an ambition to run a global bank and you don’t have to be at home just running a family,” said Ms Brady.

“There is a combination between the two things; there are other opportunities out there to find that combination.“

Founded in 2006 by Emma Jones, Enterprise Nation has grown to become the largest community of home-workers in the UK. Their website contains invaluable information about home business, lifestyle and technology as well as videos, competitions and a community forum.