By Jonathan Davies

When the first issue of Britain means Business was released, I said that Great Britain really is a great nation for business. And I stand by that. The recession is over. Now it’s time to grow!

You can download the November edition of Britain means Business magazine here.

At Fresh Business Thinking and Britain means Business, we believe in two key ideas; ‘collaboration is the new competition’ and ‘resilience rules’. And the country has been doing just that in recent months. Stagnant growth in the eurozone has caused concerns over economic growth, but you, the people reading this magazine, the business owners and entrepreneurs have been resilient. You’ve kept the economy going as one of the fastest growing in the developed world.

In this edition, there's plenty of advice and information to keep you growing. We look at the rise of the sharing economy, how to maximise the value of your business, how athletes can keep your team on track, how you can achieve your breakthrough moment and much more.

We also take a look at three of this year’s must see events; the first ever Britain means Business, the Digital Marketing Show and The Great British Entrepreneur Awards. The events may have already taken place, but the features take an in-depth look at what they stand for and what they hope to achieve in the future.

In September, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards hosted the Nominees’ VIP Evening at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) headquarters in London. We’ve got some brilliant images from the event and last year’s awards.

The magazine also gives a sneak preview of the Fresh Business Thinking Power 100, but you can see the full list here.

You can download the November edition of Britain means Business magazine here.

Enjoy reading!

Britain means business. Do you?

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