By Daniel Hunter

Britain has returned to its rightful role as a global ‘brewing powerhouse’, Community Pubs Minister Marcus Jones declared today, as analysis reveals a new brewery is opening in Britain every other day.

New figures from the British Beer and Pub Association reveals there are now more than 1,400 breweries in Britain.

A surge during the past 2 years has seen breweries opening up at rate of 3 every week. This trend is reflected right across the country with all regions sharing the success of the British beer boom.

Innovative craft breweries, including Magic Rock in West Yorkshire, brew pubs such as One Mile End in East London, and award-winning regional breweries, like the Peak District’s Thornbridge, are all playing their part in the British beer boom.

And the result has been an economic boost and jobs for young people right across the country. Latest figures show the beer and pubs sector is now responsible for 869,000 jobs in Britain.

Community Pubs Minister Marcus Jones said:

Today’s figures show Britain is back on the map as a global ‘brewing powerhouse’ with 3 breweries opening up every week.

We gave the world the I.P.A and the Great British pint has been revered ever since. This brewing boom means we are not only creating some of the world’s best beer that we all enjoy in our local pub and at home but also thousands of jobs and a multibillion-pound boost to the economy.

Speaking before he was due to judge the Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival, the minister added:

There is an increasing confidence in the beer and pubs sector with pubs diversifying, community ownership of public houses starting to take off and a booming brewing industry. We are determined to build on this momentum and our strategy of lower taxes, less regulation and a growing economy is the best way to support this thriving and diverse sector.

Beer Sommelier Sophie Atherton said:

I don’t think there has ever been a better time to be a beer drinker. The variety of beers brewed in the UK today is world class and lends itself perfectly to showing off what a versatile a drink beer is.

It can be paired with food just as well as wine can and the boom in brewing means there’s now a beer for everyone — all the way from a sessionable pint of English bitter or locally produced lager on to hoppy craft brews and boozy barley wines or imperial stouts served at the end of a meal with a cheeseboard.