By Marcus Leach

Local residents and community leaders will join the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, today (Friday) to welcome dramatic improvements at the Henlys Corner junction in North London for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Major works to significantly improve traffic flow, introduce safe pedestrian crossings, and cut street clutter have transformed this busy and vital road junction on the A406.

Ahead of his visit, the Mayor highlighted the achievements at Henlys Corner in a speech at Mansion House last night, where he called for a renewed focus on improving the capital’s roads. The Mayor told London Government leaders that London’s roads risk becoming the unloved sibling of the mass transit system. In an era of record numbers of bus users and cyclists, he argued that it is vital the road network is prioritised for improvement.

Henlys Corner has been upgraded for traffic passing through the junction via the A406 North Circular Road and the A958 Finchley Road / Regents Park. Right turns previously caused significant queues on the local roads. However vehicles are now allowed to move forward and queue in a central area of the junction, which has reduced disruption.

That work has helped to improve journey time for the 94,000 vehicles passing through the junction every day by approximately four minutes during the morning peak and 2.5 minutes in the evening peak.

New fully accessible signal controlled crossings have been installed across all sections of the junction, making crossing the road significantly easier for pedestrians and cyclists. The signals are automated for pedestrians crossing during the Jewish Sabbath, removing the need to operate equipment by the local Jewish community travelling to and from the Kinloss Finchley Synagogue, which is located to the north of the junction.

Queue lengths on junction approaches have also been significantly reduced. On the A406 westbound they are up to five times shorter and on the A598 southbound around three times shorter during the morning peak. It is also anticipated that swifter journey times and shorter queues will result in a reduction in associated vehicle emissions, helping to improve the environment for local residents.

Street clutter has been reduced throughout the area, bus stops on the approaches to Henlys Corner have been upgraded by TfL and work is also underway by TfL and Barnet Council to improve the woodland to the south of the junction as well as the Charter Way Green outside the Kinloss Finchley Synagogue.

New all year bulbs and a range of new trees will be planted in the coming months, which will continue to improve the area for local residents as they grow and prosper.

The project at Henlys Corner is also a fantastic example of how to reduce the impact of roadworks through best practice. Transport for London worked hard to make sure the work was done as quickly as possible and to minimise disruption for everyone driving through or in the area by insisting on 24 hour working.

"This is a tremendous example of how we are improving London’s roads for every type of user. For motorists, cyclists, bus users and pedestrians, this new scheme of crossings and innovative traffic flow measures at Henlys Corner is a game changer," The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said.

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