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By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

The Bishop of Willesden has been suspended indefinitely from his public duties following his surprising outburst on Facebook.

The Right Reverend Pete Broadbent, said the union between Prince William and Kate Middleton would last about seven years.

Although 'sorry' for making "deeply offensive" comments on Facebook about the royal engagement he apologised for the remarks on Monday.

When the news of the engagement broke, the bishop wrote: "We need a party in Calais for all good republicans who can't stand the nauseating tosh that surrounds this event."

The Bishop criticised media coverage of the engagement as "fawning deferential nonsense".

He said: "Marriages should be about family, not "some piece of national flim-flam paid for out of our taxes, for a couple whose lives are going to be persecuted and spoilt by an ignorant media".

He criticised the monarchy for a history of broken marriages and a "corrupt and sexist" hereditary principle, before going on to attack the "gutter press" for "persecuting" the Royal Family.

In a statement published on Monday, Bishop Broadbent said he had conveyed his own "sincere regrets" to the couple and to Prince Charles and admitted he had been "unwise".

"I recognise that the tone of my language and the content of what I said were deeply offensive, and I apologise unreservedly for the hurt caused," he said.

"I accept that this was a major error of judgement on my part. I wish Prince William and Kate Middleton a happy and lifelong marriage and will hold them in my prayers."

Graham Smith, of anti-monarchy campaign group Republic said "He has every right to raise those concerns and speak his mind on the matter, even using strong language to get his point across."

Although we cannot condone his actions it seems that what you write on your facebook page could have wider ramifications depending on who you are.

This outburst of opinion raises more questions about our rights to and the ramification of freedom of speech in today's society.

I could tell you a few things of my experience with google perhaps, but if I did would I find my content removed? I feel safe to say that I think it is dangerous for people to invest too much in google, as if they change their systems as they do very often, this could have big ramifications to your business as it has for many in the not too distance past.

It is for this reason that I have invested thousands of hours investigating trying and testing other form of media.

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