By Jonathan Davies

The parent company of Birmingham City Football Club has gone into receivership.

Birmingham International Holdings Limited (BIHL) said "fractious and inharmonious relations within the management" were to blame for the decision.

It said the company has not been placed into liquidation, which means the football club will be able to continue with its Championship fixtures as normal.

BIHL said it wanted to reassure Birmingham City's fans "most emphatically" that no winding-up order had been issued.

In a statement, BIHL said: "BCFC naturally recognises the impact which this announcement may have on itself and how it may be interpreted by its supporters, staff, media and the wider domain.

"The club therefore wishes to explain why the majority directors on the board of BIHL had deemed it necessary to take this voluntary but unusual course of action."

In March 2014, Birmingham City's former owner Carson Yeung was jailed for six years for money laundering. But reports have emerged suggesting that Yeung is still involved with BIHL, requesting for three board members to be fired and three new ones, nominated by him.

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