By Daniel Hunter

Research amongst major UK enterprises by technology PR specialist, Babel PR, has revealed that many of those businesses are sceptical of the claims made by big data vendors. Additionally, the research also reveals a potential downturn in big data opportunities across all sectors.

Key findings of the research, independently conducted on behalf of Babel amongst companies with more than one thousand employees, include:

· When asked to rate their scepticism of the claims made by big data companies on a scale of one (not at all sceptical) to five (extremely sceptical), most respondents (57%) rated themselves four or five.

· Although 50% of respondents reported their company had deployed a big data solution in the past two years, only 31% expect to make a deployment in the next two years.

· Unsurprisingly, companies want to hear specific insight from vendors and it is operational insight, requested by 62% of respondents, rather than marketing insight or fraud detection (each 31%) that is most in demand. Nearly a quarter of respondents (22%) want to hear less talk about big data itself and 4% are so turned off by the subject that no amount of insight would make them receptive to approaches from big data vendors.

Commenting on the research, Ian Hood, Managing Director of Babel PR said, “Few technology market sectors have been so dramatically hyped as big data and the danger for all vendors is that they misjudge the peak of the hype cycle we are currently experiencing. From a communications perspective there can be real benefits in ‘riding the hype wave’ but you don’t want to get dumped when it breaks.

“The research suggests the wave may be breaking already and the advice we are giving all big data vendors is to focus on the specific benefits their solutions bring to the target market and to illustrate those benefits with tangible evidence. Despite the apparent audience fatigue we expect continuing strong growth in the sector for those companies that get the message right.”

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