By Ben Weiner, CEO, Conjungo

Storage solutions are an absolute necessity in these times. Why? The most obvious is that we need to back up our data and programmes just in case our PC, network or other devices suffer from some form of critical failure. And they do, believe you me. I’ve personally had three major outages in the past three years.

The first was a serious problem because I didn’t have a back-up. I managed to retrieve my data or rather a professional did. I was lucky in that instance. It cost me time and money. The next couple of times I was OK because I was prepared – I had back-ups. Inconvenient but not catastrophic though it could have been.

So that’s one reason. There’s a couple of others to consider. You need to keep records according to legislation that may impact your organisation and I can pretty much guarantee that somewhere is a rule that will necessitate you to retain certain records for a set period whether for compliance purposes, for example Sarbanes Oxley, or simply keeping your tax records for a period of 7 years.

The other of course (I’m sure there are others), is the ability to securely store or transport documents and other important files safely. One way is using a flash card or memory stick and the other is burning data to DVD or Blu-Ray discs.

So far, so good. Easy you might think. Well consider the fact that not all media storage is the same especially in terms of quality. I know you can go into pretty much any computer store or supermarket and buy for not a great deal of money a pile of blank DVD or discs and use them for such occasions as outlined above. The problem as I have found is that they can scratch very easily, become corrupted or get damaged in some other way. I know because it has happened to me on many occasions.

In fact UNESCO reports that the annual generation of digital data reaches more than one Exabyte (one billion gigabits). Companies, business sectors, public and private institutions, who are concerned about the short operational life expectancy of the storage support have more and more pressure to preserve this huge amount of data and to find a reliable storage support. Their biggest concern: the sensitive and personal data they have stored will be irretrievable in a few years.

This type of media is important and often overlooked and while I appreciate it may be a ‘dry’ subject you only find out how important it is when it effects you or your organisation.

We at Conjungo, work closely with a company called Falcon Technologies International who manufacture and sell professional grade optical media; CD-R, DVD-R and Blu-Ray, under the brand name FalconMedia. The difference is that FalconMedia are used extensively by the medical profession, media companies and for other archival purposes. Falcon’s products are not just used by large corporate and Government bodies across the world but also by small and medium size businesses. Falcon’s products are leading edge but more importantly extremely reliable, certified CE compliant, resilient for use in the most demanding & mission critical environments and certified Archival Quality by the French Archival agency: LNE.

For more information visit: http://www.conjungo.com/technology/data-archiving/why-&-types-of-data-archiving