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Another way to demonstrate confidence in your team for the year ahead is to allow them a little flexibility. January and February are stressful months for the UK workforce and absenteeism is high so the option of flexible working hours can help counteract this.

A point to consider: Employers can consider giving staff the option to start an hour earlier in order to go home an hour earlier, which can help with managing lifestyle and family commitments. Allowing staff to work from home is also a great way for forward-thinking businesses to encourage higher work output levels by demonstrating a higher level of trust in employees.


For employers looking for additional rewards to help staff beat the winter blues, gift cards and monetary bonuses are also a consideration. Given the choice, our research showed that nearly forty per cent would prefer to receive retail gift cards from their employer than an extra day’s holiday. Interestingly, retail vouchers were also the number one gift of choice of employers, with 41 per cent of decision makers saying that they prefer to give these in place of other rewards – largely favoured for their flexibility.

A point to consider: Employers can use gift cards in winter as an unexpected surprise to reward staff for their hard work over the previous year. They can then also be used as gifts for Birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions throughout the year.

For those companies that may not have a reward and recognition policy in place, bringing in some positive reinforcement during January and February is as good a way to start as any. But like any company policy or plans, a sustained and committed approach will always have more impact and ensure employees feel happy, productive, and satisfied at work all year round.

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