By Jonathan Davies

Banks in the UK are set to trial scanning the veins in customers' fingers as a new secure way of signing into their bank account.

Rather than the traditional method of entering a username and password or passcode, corporate customers will be the first to be able to able to login to their account using a scanner.

It is not a fingerprint scanner. Instead, it is a biometric scanner which penetrates the skin to analyse and identify a person's unique vein composition.

Barclays will be the first UK bank to trial to secure method with its business and retail customers. But it is expected to be made available to all customers in the future.

The scanners are capable of detecting whether or not the veins are attached to a living body to prevent fraudsters producing copies.

"For corporate clients who do a lot of large transactions, this makes a lot of sense," explained Ashok Vaswani, Barclays head of personal and corporate banking.

He explained that the trial device can be plugged into a computer via USB, and so will not be available for use with mobile phones.

"Obviously you can't use such a clunky tool along with mobile banking," said Mr Vaswani.

"I don't think this exact machine is going to be used for retail, but some version of this will definitely come for retail."

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