By Max Clarke

BAA, UK’s largest airport operator, has been ordered to sell Stansted Airport and one of its major Scottish Airports- either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

The decision follows a 2009 report from the Competition Commission, and upheld by the Competition Appeal Tribunal, which stated that passengers would benefit from increased competition between the UK’s airports, and that BAA’s operation of Heathrow, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen was considered monopolistic.

BAA opposed the ruling, and appealed to the Court of Appeal, and then to the
Supreme Court in February
, all of which ruled in favour of the Commission.

Since 2009, BAA sold Gatwick, and considered the change in the company’s circumstances since the 2009 report were sufficient grounds to appeal the court’s ruling.

CC Chairman and Chairman of the BAA Remedies Implementation Group, Peter Freeman, said:
“We remain convinced that the original decision to require BAA to divest three airports is the right one for passengers and airlines. We have re-examined that decision in the light of a significant subsequent development when the Government decided to rule out further runways at London’s airports. Having examined the case closely, we are clear that many benefits will still arise with-out that expansion, by increasing competition and addressing detrimental effects from BAA’s common ownership.