By Jonathan Davies

Today (Wednesday) sees the launch of an online resource encouraging people to be authentic in business. Authenticity Rules is the platform launched by Craig Goldblatt, a sought after speaker whose experiences and words teach people how to get ahead by enriching their lives and businesses with authenticity.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Craig explained that we live in two worlds - an external world consisting of our houses, cars, place of work etc, and an internal world consisting of our thoughts and feelings. He said that focusing on the internal world can help people become more authentic.

Craig said: "If we are authentic in business, people understand exactly who they’re dealing with and exactly who they’re doing business with. If we’re trying to change our external world, we’re not very authentic. So the reason for authenticity in business is that it creates power, it creates clarity, it creates truth, it creates understanding, it creates knowledge, it creates happiness, fulfillment, success, passion, openness and connection."

Craig's speeches focus on the power of authenticity to inspire and engage both individuals and businesses. Being authentic is about staying true to who you are as an individual and within a business. Craig talks about why being human matters in creating value and improving business practices and outcomes.

Authenticity Rules gives inspiring examples of how authenticity can elevate businesses, can help to build an influential identity, can give substance to ideas and actions, encourage engagement and ensure that individuals and the companies they run are seen as reliable and trustworthy.

Craig added: "My absolute focus is to help people to love themselves and feel great about who they are. Authenticity Rules gives me a platform, at this stage in my life, to be able to reach a lot more people and to meet people at their level, not just at a spiritual level which is very important to me, but also a business level and for them to understand who they need to be while they’re at work.

"With the ability to hopefully reach millions of people in the future, Authenticity Rules is a great platform for me to be able to springboard off. I’m very excited to create a community online with Authenticity Rules that really understand a deeper way of living and a deeper way of doing business."