By Tami Briesies, Zazzle Media

If you’re struggling to get through to customers with traditional marketing methods then it’s definitely time to move onto mobile. Targeted text messages can be a great way of getting you in direct contact with the very people you need to reach. Here are a few reasons why mobile marketing will get you standing out from the crowd:

Integral: Mobile phones are a vital part of day-to-day life for so many people. Figures show 92% of adults own or use a mobile phone, while 61% of adults have a smartphone. We spent the equivalent of 23 whole days a year staring at our phones so they’re clearly something we always have to hand. A message sent to a mobile device is an excellent way of ensuring you are getting through to someone.

Personal: Mobile marketing is your chance to get into the hands of the person you want to speak to. Use their name in any texts that you send and show them that the service or product you’re offering is right up their street.

Interactive: Your text message will not be a plain advert - you will include a link through to the product or service you are offering and, importantly, a call to action to prompt the recipient to react to what you’ve said. You can also set up a survey to find out what your customers make of what you’ve had to offer.

Quick: Most text messages are read almost immediately after they’re sent. You won’t need to sit back and wait for your customers to be reeled in, they’ll be nibbling within minutes.

Direct: Text messages allow you to target the precise people you want to reach – you can also reach them at the time of day when your marketing efforts will be most effective.

Effective: Customers react better to a text message than an email. More than 90 per cent of people will read an SMS – about three times the amount of people who will open an email. Once open, text messages have a 19% click through rate – compared to just 4.3% from emails. People regularly delete emails en masse without giving them the time of day – texts are a slightly rarer, less throwaway commodity. They’re also preferred by customers to cold calls or leaflets stuffed through the front door.

Reward: You can reward your customers easily with mobile marketing. Send them offers that you know they’ll like and they’ll really appreciate making a saving and want to read and react to more of your messages. From your point of view you’ll have an engaged customer who is spending money with you.

Cost effective: Mobile marketing will not break the bank. Making use of services will allow you to be able to choose how many messages you want to send based on your available budget- see more information on this here. Pound for pound you’ll find this a really cost effective option. Firms such as this also offer a service that tracks the success of your campaign and enables messages to go out under your name.