Health Lifestyle

4 straight forward lifestyle actions for you to consider:

  1. Movement: Exercise every day. I like to do compound exercises using Tabata or HIIT workouts 3 times a week and a couple of runs/swim/walk – a long one in the countryside on a Sunday. I love to get outside as much as possible because the benefits are so much greater than in an indoor gym. I like to use mundane things like cleaning the car, house chores or gardening as workouts. Do little things like use the stairs more often, and cycle instead of using the car. If you do use the car, park it as far from the door as possible! Find exercise that you enjoy.
  2. Diet: My body prefers a high protein, high fat, and low carb diet. Find out what works for you. There is a great deal of nonsense talked about regarding diets and food. I like to cut out as much processed and sugary food as possible (the odd cake and chocolate bar does find its way in!) and enjoy great natural foods and a balanced diet. Food is to be enjoyed and a time to refuel your body. And drink plenty of water!
  3. Quiet: Spending time reflecting being mindful, meditating is really important. Find time to do it! I love the great outdoors and being by the sea or in the mountains to just be in the moment. No gadgets allowed!
  4. Sleep: So important to get right. Rest is when your body rebuilds itself and bounces back stronger. So many people over train or over do work. See rest and an important part of keeping fit and healthy.
So there you have it. If you want to be a better leader and be fit for duty… Ensure you have the right lifestyle.

By Graham Wilson, Leadership Wizard, Author of Leadership Laid Bare! and founder of Successfactory™