By Neil Lathwood, IT Director, UKFast

In business, the biggest investments don’t necessarily produce the biggest results and the pressure is on bosses now more than ever to make the right decisions about which areas of their business to invest in if they are to give themselves the best chance of success.

But the scalability that cloud technology allows means that business leaders can take a ‘suck it and see’ approach to their technical solutions. There’s no need for a large capital investment and if they see evidence of a solution’s effectiveness, they can quickly and easily scale it up to produce more of the same.

Web consultancy Building Blocks works with clients to improve their online presence but many of those clients come to the Manchester-based firm unaware of how big an impact the agency’s expertise will have on web traffic. When budgets are tight, understandably clients can be reluctant to commit to a large spend on equipment before seeing evidence of the business need.

Jonathan Whiteside, co-founder of Building Blocks identified an increasingly common need amongst his clients for scalability and performance of their web solutions to cope with potential future growth.

Whiteside explains: “What they wanted was a strategy that allowed them to very easily grow and cost-effectively grow to cope with that demand.”

With his clients’ needs of flexibility and scalability in mind, Whiteside looked to a cloud-based solution that he could recommend with confidence.

“We wanted the ability to provide more power and scale solutions quickly when we needed to.”

The benefits of a private cloud solution have been highlighted when clients have demanded more disc space or capacity, and when clients have experienced high peaks in traffic.

“We’ve been able to scale up much more quickly and much more cost-effectively,” says Whiteside.

“We have been able to provision more space or more capacity quicker by going through a normal support procedure rather than having to justify a business case and how the new equipment is going to fit into the architecture and discuss where we are going to put the servers.”

It’s also proven its worth for clients launching campaign-driven marketing that is susceptible to traffic spikes.
“Instead of having to outlay for the provision of new equipment and new servers when they know the campaign is only running for three months, they can scale up, pay for that particular amount of time, then scale back to their normal amount.”

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