By Neil Lathwood, IT Director, UKFast

In a tough and fiercely competitive economic environment, the flexibility to respond and adapt quickly to a changing environment can mean the difference between a business surviving and a business thriving. The flexible nature of cloud technology is widely considered one of its biggest strengths and is the reason that thousands of business, from SMEs to global giants, choose to adopt a cloud solution.

iSite – a provider of building intelligence software operating under the Styles & Wood brand, recognised an opportunity to offer its clients more with the help of a cloud solution.

iSite helps clients to manage and develop their property portfolio using simple and fit-for-purpose online tools. Recognising that most clients wanted to buy-in a fully-managed service rather than the solution alone, iSite needed an effective means of hosting their clients’ portals in a flexible, cost-effective and reliable way.

Mohsin Latif, iSite’s head of technical services, said: “Our clients wanted a fully-managed service from us. Our initial approach was to design and deploy solutions specific to each client, which was a lengthy and time-consuming process.”

iSite saw an increase in demand for its solutions and services from its clients and saw this as an opportunity to improve iSite’s management of multiple hosting contracts.

UKFast designed a private cloud solution for iSite that allowed them to consolidate its clients’ solutions and provide the flexibility to offer new clients the combination of the portal and hosting with the assurance of a quick turnaround without any of the delays associated with physical hardware.

Since successfully migrating all of its clients to the new cloud solution, iSite has experienced the added benefits of reduced costs and increased performance.

“Previously, we’d have to go out to market every time we needed a quote for hosting and wait weeks for data centre providers to give us a cost. Now, hosting for new client solutions can be set up within hours as opposed to weeks and easily scaled up as the solution grows. The platform provides flexibility with greater resilience and the highest security standards.”

He continues: “From our perspective, we are getting equal if not better performance and feedback from clients suggests performance is better. From a client point of view, we are still able to provide client dedicated solutions, their valuable data is extremely well protected and our reliability means we maintain the highest service levels.”

A private cloud solution has allowed iSite to offer its clients a well-rounded and complete service and eradicated the firm’s outsourcing requirement, leaving control in their hands.

What’s more, the business no longer suffers from a reliance on physical hardware that can mean costly delays that are out of your control.

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