By Richard Messik, Chartered Accountant and Co-founder of Cloud Advocates

An Apple update to their IOS operating system is usually worthy of comment and the recent release of their much trumpeted IOS 5 even more so.

In usual Apple fashion the release is feature rich but the aspect that pushes my buttons is the ICloud facility - the successor to the not so successful MobileMe. What intrigues me about it is that it totally embraces what the Cloud should be about.

The essence of ICloud is simplicity itself, what is down loaded or entered on one IOS 5 device will appear on any other IOS 5 device for the same user. In practice this means that when I enter a meeting appointment in my diary on my Iphone, it will appear in the diary on my IPad and my Mac computer in my office. Similarly a photo taken with my IPhone will appear on my other IOS5 devices.

I have for some time spoken about this as being one of the advantages of the Cloud. In essence our various items of hardware, be it Iphone, Ipad or Desk top computer are dumb terminals with the data entered being available on all of them. A contact’s visiting card scanned in after a meeting appearing in contacts on all devices, as well as CRM sytems etc.

Apple have embraced this concept and other manufacturers are copying their example or developing their own versions of the same principal. This form of untethering of information is rapidly becoming the norm.

The business worlad as well as the professions will need to get on board with this to a greater extent than they have already done - remaining with the status quo is not a viable option.

Richard Messik is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in Cloud Computing. He is a co founder of Cloud Advocates,an association of consultants who aim to demystify the Cloud and provide pragmatic help and advice for businesses, organizations and accounting practices. To find out more, visit www.cloudadvocates.com

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