By Daniel Hunter

Apple have unveiled two new iPhone handsets, as was widely expected, at an event in California.

The top-end iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone 5C are the latest offerings from Apple.

The 5S introduces a fingerprint sensor built into the phone's main button to identify the user. The 5C comes with a plastic back in a choice of colours.

It marks a change of strategy for Apple which had not launched two distinct types of handset at the same time before.

The new fingerprint system can be used to unlock the 5S and provide authentication for purchases from Apple's online marketplace.

“The question isn’t whether biometric security makes the iPhone 5S enterprise ready. The reality is that the smartphone is now intrinsic to how people work, so it's time for businesses to change," Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute, owner operator of Europe's largest cloud services platform, commented.

"Rather than focusing on the security merits and nuances of the devices, attention should shift to how businesses should secure and control corporate data and make relevant parts securely accessible from anything, anywhere. Assume instead that employees live on the Internet and it is the job of the enterprise to make the corporation accessible to employees in their world - never the other way round.

“The resistance of many enterprises to smartphones has come from a mix of enterprise IT's refusal to accept a changing world (their problem) and the very scary thought that their users could download any of the billions of apps outside of their control.

“Innovation is happening in a consumer driven world, not an enterprise led one. Smartphones make their way into the enterprise environment in the pockets of consumers, but have quickly become vital to the work done by enterprise IT users. If enterprises think controlling and securing that influx is about the company and its rules they are wrong.”

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