By Nicola Good, Epiphany Solutions Ltd

As someone who really enjoys travelling to new countries I have a rule, never go back to the same place twice until you have been to all the places on your list! That’s a problem when you have a book of 500 places to see and you like the look of them all.

After I’ve picked somewhere to travel, my next course of action is to find out as much about the place as possible and so I usually invest in some form of travel guide which can be pricey, especially if it’s only for a few days and you’re not planning to return anytime soon!

Before heading to Waterstones this lunch I was playing with my IPhone, checking out the weather in Venice when I thought I’d look in the app store to see what sort of information was out there on my booked destination. So my search would return everything I need. I typed in ‘Venice’ and was greeted with well over 50 applications. Straightaway I knew my usual method of purchasing a guide was no longer necessary - all the information I needed would be on my phone which I always have with me, books can easily get left at home or the hotel, the only problem now is looking through the applications to find the right one!

The first free application I came across looked like it ticked most of the boxes with the following features:

• Top 10 things to see in Venice
• Map of the ferry boats to move around
• Useful phone numbers
• Useful phases in Italian
• Daily prices
• Weather forecast

The only things really missing from the list that I would usually want from a travel guide would be a map and restaurant guide. After installing the app and looking further down the list I noticed I could download a map of Venice and walking tour for free and a city restaurant guide for just £1.79. I did begrudge paying the £1.79 after I found so much information for free but looking and reading the app reviews I knew it would be worth it!

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