By Robert Craven, Managing Director, Director's Centre

Why does everyone use totally effusive, exuberant, effervescent language to sell their products?

All it does is make you question the trustworthiness of the seller.

You ask yourself, “Why are they trying so hard? Why are they treating me like a moron? Are they desperate?”

80% of people don’t believe what advertisers say to them. Yet advertisers end up trying even harder to separate us from our money. Surely it is all counter-productive. Or maybe it does work otherwise why should so many people do it?

I have been involved in more than several product launches over the last few years. We always look at how similar businesses promote and sell their products and services.

Competitors nearly always run the effusive copy:

“Only 147 seats left — almost sold out”

“Special Bonus valued at £500”

“Buy now before it is too late”

“Free… Free….”

“Special discount price”

Is this the most effective way to get people to buy from you?

If you run two parallel campaigns, one effusive/moronic and one talking to people like they are human beings, then you start to see interesting results.

The results and feedback are consistent:

• Most folk distrust over-hyped claims

• With higher ticket prices, trust and reputation become more important than outrageous benefit statements.

In fact, the hyperbole is often counter-productive. It turns people off.

So look at how you are selling your products and services. By talking straight and honestly, most readers will recognise that you haven’t fallen into the trap of writing marketing nonsense, will trust you more and buy more from you. Try it. It works.

Unless you only want morons for customers, in which case…

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