By Thomas Eason

Advansys are a leading supplier in ecommerce solutions. Their diverse team mean that they can offer you a bespoke solution that will fit the needs of your company’s online requirements. By working in the same office as their online marketing sister company, SEO Junkies, Advansys can ensure that whilst being built your ecommerce website is also made to be easily optimised and marketed so that after having been built it can be easily found.

The diversity of their team means that Advansys can offer you a range of products for your ecommerce solution. They will strive to make sure that your site will encourage conversions so that you can receive more sales. One of their more popular offerings is SAP integration. Being a versatile back end system, SAP integration is a valuable thing to have in any ecommerce solution.

Advansys recently provided the newly built Eurocell B2C site with SAP integration via web service. Eurocell now benefit from an enterprise resource planning system that gives them a fantastic ecommerce website that is efficient and will save their business both time and money. Just some of the benefits of SAP integration from Advansys are sending orders to SAP in real time, receiving customer, product and pricing data in a daily feed and updating order status notifications from SAP to inform web customers of the status of their order.

The advantages of obtaining ecommerce solutions from Advansys don’t stop there. They also offer multichannel integration with well known marketplaces including Amazon, and eBay so you can advertise your products in multiple places at once. Being able to sell your products through such marketplaces means that you can benefit from the reputation of a well established brand and use that to instil confidence in your customers. Multichannel integration in an Advansys ecommerce website means that you only have to access one location in order to view all your products. Think of all the time and money you can save by not having to log in to all those separate marketplace accounts!

Their in-house designers will give you a unique design that will not only compliment your brand but also increase your chances of receiving conversions. Our designers are experts in conversion rate optimisation and web design, therefore the design of your website will take conversion factors into account so that your final design won’t deter customers with its poor design

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