By Thomas Eason

Leading UK mailroom equipment supplier AMS are launching the new ATS-12 tabbing machine at the TFM&A show at Earls Court, London, this is the most efficient and economical tabber available to date.

Exclusive to AMS, the tabber can quickly and easily apply tabs to folded mail pieces, making it an ideal way to deliver eye-catching mail without the risk of it being opened in transit.

What makes the ATS-12 so cost-effective and unique to the industry is that it comes complete with an in-built feeder, this means there are no additional costs if using it as a stand-alone product, saving users thousands of pounds on the cost of a feeder. The tabber is capable of short runs as well as mass mailings, making it perfectly suited to office users as well as mailing houses, commercial and industrial users.

Kevin McPheat, Managing Director of AMS, said “Where cost and efficiency have historically been key issues for potential users, the ATS-12 tabber overcomes these barriers with the in-built feeder, so it has the ability to be used in-line or stand alone.

We have seen a growing demand for tabbing machines over the past year as tabbed mail is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to using traditional envelopes in direct mail campaigns, as well providing more opportunity to be creative with promotional mailshots. We are sure the ATS-12 tabber will be a hit with customers.”

The small and versatile tabber can accurately apply adhesive tabs from 15.5mm in size to material up to 4.76mm in thickness. It can apply one tab per mailing piece and up to 7,000 mailings per hour can be tabbed. Not only do the tabs ensure closure, they are a non-intrusive mailing option and let users take advantage of Royal Mail postal discounts due to the mailings being small and lightweight. Tabs can be placed on a wide variety of open-ended media including mail pieces, folded stock, double postcards, newsletters and booklets.

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