By Marcus Leach

Reports from analysts and investors claim Inc will release a tablet computer later this year in a bid to cement their position as the world's largest internet retailer.

The proposed tablet will feature a nine inch screen, and will run using Google's Android operating system. It is expected that the tablet will be released before the end of October.

Experts have been expecting a tablet from Amazon for some time now, and with the release Amazon will also look to expand in mobile commerce and sell more digital goods.

"Amazon's brand, user base, and digital media offering would position a tablet well against some of the other options out there," Colin Sebastian, an analyst at R.W. Baird, told Reuters.

"Tablet users tend to purchase more digital items than comparable physical items, so Amazon wants more exposure to that."

Not only will they look to boost their own business with the tablet, but Amazon will now look to take on Apple and their iPad tablets.

"In the tablet market, the No. 2 player will be Amazon," Mark Gerber, director of technology research at Detwiler Fenton, told Reuters. "None of these other tablets have really taken off."

Anthony DiClemente, an analyst at Barclays Capital, believes the release will strengthen Amazon's position in the e-commerce market.

"It will strengthen Amazon's strong hold on e-commerce activity and provide a way to move more into video and other digital content," he said.

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