By Michael Baxter, Fresh Business Thinking

Latest government press briefing gives details on clinician trials and also gives a hint of promising news on new Covid-19 infections.

There “hasn’t been an accelerated takeoff in hospital admissions,” said Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief scientific adviser at today’s government press briefing. Sir Patrick added however that “it’s possible the curve is flattened” but he said that we won’t know for a week or so.

Today it was revealed that there has been another 786 deaths in UK hospitals from the virus. This number tells a tragic story, of course, and it is the highest level seen to date. Even so, it does seem that the rate of increase in deaths is slowing. It has taken a week for the deaths to double — they stood at 381 on March 31. But back on March 31st the total deaths had doubled from just four days earlier.

Let’s hope that this is indeed a trend, and we are close to some kind of peak.

Sir Patrick also revealed that 1,900 patients are in clinical trials in hospitals.

The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that so far there have been 213,181 people have been tested for Covid-19. 55,242 have tested positive, 18,589 admitted to hospital and 6,159 people have tragically died.

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